“We can only try to express our heartfelt appreciation for our new home at Seabrook. Your staff has made our building experience a pure joy. We have come to feel like friends and not just customers. Thank you for your extra care and concern.”

- { Sandy & Jim, Atlanta }

“When my husband and I were looking for a builder for our Kiawah home, Lehigh made our decision easy. From the very beginning of the process, we knew that Lehigh had a priority of listening to their client and paying attention to the details. They took the time to help us fine tune a plan to meet our needs and then gave us a proposal based on the size of the home and the materials that we wanted to use. The communication continued to be vital throughout the building process because we live in Ohio. Our Lehigh project manager helped us find what we wanted in materials and kept the process moving forward. The quality of the construction was evident from the start. We would come to Kiawah to check on the progress and have neighbors approach to tell us how impressed they were with our builder. The final product turned out to be a beautiful home we love sharing with family and friends.”

- { Connie & John, Cincinnati }

“Everyone at Lehigh built our home as if it were their own. When we first met Dave and Chris it was obvious that they shared a passionate vision for the outcome, and they and everyone working on construction continued to treat the home with the same care and expectation as we did. The final result filled all our hopes. Lehigh has continued to care about our home and be immediately available for any changed or questions, or for ensuring that the right service companies are able to attend to our needs.”

- { Sharon & Lawrence, Charlotte }

  • Lehigh Land & Building is all about you … and making sure that your project is completed with the care and attention which exceeds your expectations.
  • We listen to what you want and then deliver on all the details, just as if we were building the home for ourselves.
  • Because we take pride in our craftsmanship and truly consider every customer to be our friend, we are happy to share some of their thoughts and feelings with you.